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5 Aug 2017

You see, it's NOT about what you as the marketer wants, but rather what your prospect wants.

Remember, WIIFM?

"What's In It for Me"

Contrary to popular opinion, your prospect does NOT want to be SOLD.

I mean, if you are a rep in a network marketing company right now; at some point you were probably a prospect of your sponsor, right?

If you could go back in time; what would have been the ideal and best way that you could have been introduced or attracted to your current business?

So, ask yourself this question:

Are the marketing/prospecting methods you are currently using the best, most attractive, most professional and most effective way to bring people in to your business?

Are those methods based upon a 'scarcity mentality' OR are they based upon an 'Abundance Mentality'?

For example: Scarcity methods involve 'selling' the prospect on something and overcoming objections, and flashy presentations, and all kinds of incredible facts and figures designed to lure a person in, AS IF THEY ARE THE LAST PERSON ON EARTH AND YOU MUST SIGN THEM UP.

Contrast that with abundance mentality, which actually is a more passive, professional and comfortable way of truly ATTRACTING prospects to you who ARE ACTIVELY LOOKING for something, and letting them qualify themselves first before you even invest your valuable time with them. This embraces the concept that there are an endless amount of people out there who are actively looking for what you have, and there is no need to pull these silly sales pitches with people.

Which type of marketing/prospecting appeals to you the most?

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospect.

Would you rather be 'sold' on something with some sort of pitch, OR would you rather be able to find and get involved with something because you are actually actively looking for something and YOU make the moves to get involved on your own merit in your own time without someone breathing down your neck about it?

To learn what prospects truly want, you need to learn what they DON'T want first, and what methods of prospecting they HATE, before you can even think about talking to anyone about your business.

Remember, your upline/sponsor WILL NOT build your business for you. You must think for yourself and become an educated, independent marketer who can stand on his/her own with or without an upline. The quicker you do that, the quicker you can experience true success and present yourself as an expert in your field.

There is a reason the failure rate in network marketing is so high; do you want to know why?:

 Well, gain the proper education and you'll quickly see what is really going on.

Open your eyes to the real world of networking, and you will discover the truth AND be given a solid plan of action to get you going on the right path.

It's not all about just buying better prospect lists, home business leads, mlm leads, opportunity seeker leads, etc. It's about attracting the RIGHT type of people in the right way and letting them get involved in their own right time.

So go to the right source and get educated on EFFECTIVE marketing, and you will learn how to position yourself in a much better and more professional light to your prospects. Then, you become an attraction magnet and not the typical mlm sales guy people can spot for miles.

I can personally tell you that doing this business using this kind of leverage and professionalism is so much more fun and rewarding that doing it the way the majority of people do.

 May the truth set you free!


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